Patient Testimonials

"I had an underbite so I proceeded with orthodontics. I am happy to say that my underbite is gone. The staff was (and is) always so caring and friendly and the experience was good (of course besides having braces). I also like being able to watch TV during appointments. Thank you!"
Casey K.

"The office staff was great they made me feel comfortable and welcomed every visit. Dr. Kamisugi made sure my braces were comfortable and made the whole process easy."
Camille C.

"The team here is amazing. They always treat me nicely and are very caring. They do an amazing job at what they do."
Ann Marie P.

"Seeing a happier smile on my face is a wonderful feeling and Dr. Kamisugi along with the rest of the orthodontic ohana has made it possible to have this greater smile. Their friendly attitude has influenced me to keep smile and to continue having a great attitude towards everything."
Jonah P.

"My first reason why I came here was to get my teeth straight. I would rather get it done while I’m still young than getting it when I'm older. While I was getting my treatment here I would recognize how nice the staff was. They would always have a smile on their face."
Blake T.

"Friendly staff."
Jeric M.

"The staff is really nice and takes good care of you."
Madison K.

"The staff was really nice and overall it was an interesting experience."
Dylan I.

"Everyone was very nice and always got the job done well. Overall a great ortho experience. Mahalo!"
Jonah A.

"Everyone was really nice and friendly and they always made me feel comfortable. My teeth look a lot straighter ad better now so I’m really happy!"
Lauren F.

"I came to Dr. Kamisugi after my neighbors told me the great work this office did. I was thoroughly pleased with my results. The staff is kind and works for quality. I would definitely recommend some to this office."
Brooklyn A.

"I’m so happy with my new smile (teeth). Everyone was so great, wish my regular dentist experience was the same."
Leiann I.

I wanted to have straight teeth, and that’s what I got! I always looked forward to monthly appointments because the staff was so nice, and it meant I was one month closer to getting my braces off. I was also surprised at how quickly the treatment worked. I feel lucky to only have had my braces for 16 months!"
Sophie Y.

"So much aloha from the staff and doctor here. They were so warm, welcoming, and accommodating and so willing to work with me and my schedule. I was turned away by several orthodontist offices before saying that they could not straighten one of my teeth. The fact that Dr. Kamisugi and his team pulled my tooth in place is nothing short of a beautiful miracle! Thank you!"
- Alvin L.

"I really liked the way the orthodontic team here was very caring when going through the treatment. They always gave me updates on my teeth, which let me know how well I’m doing. I’m excited to see how my teeth changed over time. I’m grateful for all the staff that helped me through this experience."
- Ciera A.

"I just wanted to say that you guys are so awesome! Despite the surgery you have made these 2 years fly by! Thank you. You have been friendly and helpful the whole way."
- Jessica P.

"Everything about this place is AWESOME and I love all the staff here!"
- Harmony S.

"I really like that the staff members are really friendly. Every time I come in I like how someone is different all the time. I also appreciate that doc comes in to check on my teeth before letting me go. I am surprised to see that my teeth have gotten very nice and aligned. I thought it was going to take a longer time for my very crowded mouth to straighten out but it wasn’t that long of a wait. Thank you!"
- Christianne J.

"Overall, my experience was really good! Everyone here was so nice, and everyone who helped me gave me good tips and advice to keep my teeth as nice as possible. Right now I am extremely satisfied with my braceless smile, especially considering how "messed up" my teeth were when I started (as well as how long it took and all the different equipment the staff had to use). Than you all so much!"
- Taryn K.

"The staff is so friendly. I’m a freshman now, and I’ve been coming for several years. The workers knew my Saturday schedule and they always asked about my school and dance. "
- Sophia G.

"I proceeded with braces to correct my TMJ problem. I am glad to report my headaches are gone! Yay! My jaw pop significantly improved. Although it still pops a little I know it would not be completely stopped. I am so pleased with the entire staff and process. Everyone was so accommodating, pleasant, friendly and knowledgeable. I definitely recommend to anyone needing orthodontics."
- Davelyn L.

"Overall it was an easy experience. The results were great. My top teeth are straight and aligned."
- Travis T.

"The staff and Dr. Kamisugi are very friendly and caring."
- Shannen S.

"It’s been a wonderful experience with Dr. Curtis Kamisugi and his staff. I’m glad I decided to have braces because at the end it’s all worth it. Great job Dr. Curtis Kamisugi and staff."
- Marites A.

"Everyone here is always very nice and welcoming. It was great working with everyone."
- B. Scott.

"Everyone was very nice and helpful though the whole treatment process. I never had a bad experience coming here! Every worker took time to get to know you and relate to you so you are comfortable. My teeth are now straight and look great. I recommend this orthodontic office to anyone looking to get braces. Thank you and keep up the great work!!"
- Micah B.

"The reason I got braces was so I could get straight teeth. Overall, I am happy with my results and enjoyed the friendly staff."
- Taren K.

"I got braces because my teeth were crooked. After almost 2 years my teeth were fixed and straight. The office staff is nice; they replaced my rubber bands and wires without hurting me."
- Noah H.

"I had to get braces due to crowded teeth. Being on braces was hard at first but now it’s all worth it. The Office staff is very ice and helpful with getting my braces and the 2 years plus of appointments."
- Alexis S.

"I did and continued orthodontics because I wanted to fix my teeth. (Mom and grandma made me.) It came out really good . Everyone was really nice. This placed has a good way to make you feel at home. My orthodontists were really awesome and skilled."
- Raelynn K.

"Patiently waiting for this moment has been amazing. Thank you so much for the treatment."
- Megan L.

"Dr. Curtis Kamisugi and his staff are very friendly and easy to work with. I enjoyed my visits and would highly recommend anyone to them. I was always afraid to smile before Dr. Kamisugi worked his magic! Now I can’t stop smiling!"
- Melanie T.

"I absolutely LOVE Dr. Kamisugi and staff! The girls are knowledgeable, kind, and efficient. Dr. was always very clear about the steps we were going through and the treatment plan. Scheduling was also always easy and fast. Thank you Dr. Kamisugi and staff!"
- Alyssa Y.

"I am very happy with my 3 years of braces. They did an amazing job, paid attention to small details, and working well with my student schedules."
- Biana B.P.

"Getting braces was quite an experience! All the staff here was so awesome! Time went by faster than I thought it would and I can’t wait to see them come off. I’m glad I decided to go thru with this and thank everyone for a smile I always wanted!"
- Kylsie T.

"Office staff has always been friendly and personal. Those treating me were always gentle and eager to make sure I am comfortable. Making appointments were easy and the office has been very flexible with my schedule. Thanks!"
- Hannah D.

"I proceeded with orthodontics because prior to having braces my teeth were very bad and I wanted straight nice teeth for the rest of my life and this could give that to me. The end results of this experiment are that my teeth became straighter; my overbite wasn’t as bad as before. My overall experience was good except for the time when I was wearing rubberbands and over corrected my overbite so later I had to wear rubberbands longer except for an underbite."
- Chloe F.

"I am happy with my results, the staff is awesome they are very nice. I can’t wait to try out my new smile!"
- Noah W.

"Thank you for everything! You all are awesome!"
- Lindsey F.

"I was very comfortable during my experiences in the office. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. There was never any confusion on what I had to do to keep my teeth/braces in good care. Thank you!"
- Yuki S.

"Thank you for everything. I was a little scared to get braces in the beginning. Now that I’m used to it, I don’t want to get them off. I’m so excited to see my results. Thank you again!"
- Ariana O.

"I enjoyed having braces for a little while, but I needed it because I had an overbite. It was fun watching the staff change my wires in my braces and putting different color bands."
- Tom T.

"There was never a wait when checking in for appointments. Office staff is always pleasant and Dr. Kamisugi is wonderful!! I would highly recommend anyone seeking orthodontic care be seen by Dr. Kamisugi and staff!"
- Natalie S.

"Great service! Excellent care! Will absolutely refer Dr. Kamisugi to friends and relatives. More power to Dr. Kamisugi and his very professional staff!"
- Jimmy S.

"Absolutely love your staff. They all have always been polite and very professional. Super easy to make appointments to meet my demanding schedule. Although the pain in the beginning was more than I anticipated your staff was awesome at consoling me!! Thank you ALL!"
- Sue F.

"I have had my share of mouth/teeth issues and started with you back when I was in the 4th grade. A few moves in between and I am back in Hawaii and was thankful you could help me finish my treatment."
- Jordan F.

"I love my new smile. Thank you for everything."
- Fetai U.

"My experience was awesome here. Thank you to everyone who helped make my smile better."
- Shannon M.

"Very nice staff!"
- Janne C.

"I’m really happy with the way my teeth have turned out, and the overall treatment did not take as long as I thought it would be too."
- Kalea E.

"Thank you to all the office staff for making every appointment enjoyable and to Dr. Kamisugi for being professional and friendly."
- Taylor-Marie S.

"Well my teeth are a lot straighter than before and the staff was very kind and helpful."
- Jake W.

"I really liked how every was very caring and kind. I was very surprised of how fast my treatment was. Each visit was never scary, but I always looked forward to coming to the office. Thank you!"
- Raina T.

"Thanks for everything! You guys made the whole thing as painless as possible considering I had sharp metal in my mouth. Now my lips close properly!"
- Robert W.

"I came here because my teeth needed braces. After 3 years my teth are very straight. I couldn’t be happier. I feel the office staff is very friendly. I would like to share that at first I was very reluctant about getting braces, but now I know it was worth the time, pain, and money!"
- Cody T.

"I enjoy how nice the staff is and I didn’t mind the braces. I felt alright."
- Shad K.

"The staff are so friendly and nice it’s fun coming in. Thank you!"
- Brianna H.

"Every appointment was "enjoyable" due to how welcoming both Dr. Kamisugi was as well as his staff. Never a "wait time" and they were always so accommodating. Automated appointment reminders and confirmations made scheduling easy for both sides. Mahalo for the laughs and the great care…and especially for my straight smile!"
- Colleen E.

"Throughout this entire experience, I decided to proceed with orthodontics as seeing that my teeth were slightly different to those who had a "perfect smile." As the braces went on, I endured something unfamiliar; having metal in my mouth was uncomfortable as it cut the insides of my mouth. In addition, when ruberbands were put into place, I caused my teeth to move more and more, which caused even more pain. However, once the treatment was finally over, when the braces were removed, I finally obtained my own set of "perfect" teeth. But I do thank the office staff as they helped me though this long journey; making sure I was feeling okay in all my appointment."
- Ian I.

"I enjoyed watching my teeth move over a long period of time. It was also awesome to meet new staff and talk about different things going on. It was an awesome time having my braces and I’m glad to finally get them off."
- Cassidy K.

"The treatment I had received here at Dr. Kamisugi’s office was the best one could ever experience. The staff is very friendly and do their best to offer an easy treatment every time. I’m glad my parents decided to choose Dr. Kamisugi for my treatment"
- Chelsi M.

"My end result is amazing! The staff here is very friendly and will always strike up a conversation?"
- Samantha D.

"My experience here was very memorial. I was a fun one! All of the staff was very nice and helped me with any questions I had. I’m happy I got to get my treatment here, it was a great experience. Thank you!"
- Kara. A

"During the process, my teeth occasionally hurt and I couldn’t even eat soft food. Also, my inner cheek sometimes got caught on the brackets but I liked that I got to change the colors of my bands. My parents paid a lot so I guess it was worth it."
- Mhica I.

"I really enjoyed my experience with my braces. The staff was always extremely friendly and always made sure my time in the chair was comfortable. Thank you all so much!"
- Ivy M.

"My experience with this orthodontic team has been an amazing experience for me. I always feel welcomed by them. When I first got my braces on, my teeth were very crooked. I didn’t really mind it but my parents insisted me to get braces. I’m really glad that I had gotten them. I believe it has made my smile even brighter and beautiful! Thank you!"
- Cynthia N.

"This is the 2nd time wearing braces for me. The staff was amazing and made me feel like family. Dr. Kamisugi let me be an active participant in the process, and the results are beautiful! I decided on braces again to ensure good hygiene and the ability to "keep my own teeth" as long as I can. I wouldn’t change the experience for anything, except naturally straight teeth. Thank you!"
- Danielle B.

"The staff here is so nice and make you feel so welcome. They always have a smile on their farce and answer any questions you might have. Thank you guys so much for everything!"
- Alexis N.

"It was a good experience. It took a very long time to get used to but overall the staff was nice. I cam in very frequently to fix wires or poking but the staff was ready to help and I was in within 5 mins of arriving and the services were fast."
- Kauila T.

"It was fast and the staff here was super nice and gentle"
- Alagna Z.

"I proceeded with orthodontics because my dentist recommended me & the results were great. The office staff were all very kind and helpful throughout my experience coming here"
- Cade M.

"I am beyond elated with my experience with Dr. Curtis Kamisugi and his entire team! This has been the best jouney in my life and having my smile transform here has changed my life for the better & I am so grateful for everything they have done for me. He has fixed my smile and changed my life! I will forever appreciate him and his team!"
- Lani C.

"My teeth were crooked but I liked to smile a lot, so I decided I should smile with straight teeth. I like how my teeth turned out. The staff is really great. They’re always nice and they like to talk story."
- Kano T.

"Thank you to all the staff here who helped me to be able to have a wonderful smile. I appreciate all the things you have done for me while I had my braces."
- Caitlyn U.

"During my treatment I love how every appointment I came in everyone is all ways smiling and happy. Never did I feel any bad vibe. I also noticed that Harmony knew what my name was and knew how I look not like other front desk don't know you, even when you've been going back for a long period of time. All I can say is that this orthodontic team was the best and I'm glad this is where I got my braces!"
- Maerica A.

"I wanted braces so I could fix my smile, through the years it has been great to have these braces. Thank you for helping me fix my smile. I appreciate what you've done."
- Nicolas M.

"I just wanted a nice smile for me and you guys gave me one! So I thank you for that."
- Kai N.

"My experience has been great. I am very pleased with my experience. The doctor as well as the office staff has been very nice and friendly. I would highly recommend this office"
- Ginger L.

"Great experience! I loved Dr. Kamisugi and all the staff. Will recommend everyone I know to this office. Very welcoming environment. I was concerned with a few teeth in my front upper area but with the work done by Dr. Kamisugi that is no longer an insecurity I have. I'm glad I decided to get braces. Thanks for everything!! You guys ROCK!!"
- Zanyetta W.

"The staff was very funny ad talkative. I'm usually very shy and don't like talking a lot, but it was easy for small talk to continue in a full out conversation."
- Jonah S.

"Wow- Simply Amazing!! It was a long hard road to a beautiful smile but I would do it all over again. I promise to wear my retainers so I don't have to do it again. Thank you to all of the staff!! Everyone was night and encouraging through the whole process. I will miss all of your but not the braces!"
- Cindy R.

"I wanted braces because I wanted a nice smile like my older cousins and since I finished my treatment, my smile is straight and I'm more confident now."

"The office staff are really nice and give off a good vibe. I really appreciated the braces even though they were on for a long time, I was TOTALLY WORTH IT!"
- A. Beniek

"My orthodontic experience was a very good one. Every time I came for an appointment, the staff treated me like I knew them for a while. They always asked me how school was, which make the appointment not awkward. My teeth look nice, white, and straight, and I am so happy to have a smile like the ones in magazines!"
- K. Nakanishi

"I wanted braces to correct my teeth. I didn't like the gaps I saw. I thought about veneers but my dentist said to get braces instead. The staff is personable and friendly."
- J. Batac

"Great experience, very happy with my smile. Fun assistants and nice ortho. Thanks for my great teeth, jamba cards, and stuff. Sad I won't get to come as often."
- M. Valbuena

"I proceeded with orthodontics because one, my parents and two, I'm always in front of and meeting new people because of gymnastics. The results were amazing, I was so happy with my new smile. The staff here is great, very friendly, and sociable."
- T. Tamayo

"Dr. K and his staff are professional and skilled but most of all caring and compassionate. I love my results!"
- P. Tena

"I decided to get braces because my dentist, Dr. Aniya told me my bite was too perfect and that they were hitting each other causing them to shift. In the end, I got straight teeth and a great smile. Your staff was very friendly and made each visit fun. The whole "getting braces" experience wasn’t that bad."
- N. Sugai

"I decided to get braces because my bite wasn’t correct. After the braces came off I had no more problems with my bite and I also received a lot of compliments on my teeth. The staff is always friendly and helpful."
- K. Kurasaki

"Dr. Kamisugi and Staff gave me a wonderful smile after 2 years of orthodontic treatment. They were always nice and welcomed me every time I had an appointment."
- J. Tokunaga

"I got braces to help fix my under bite and I couldn’t be happier with the results! I no longer have to smile trying to hide anything and it feels great. The staff and Dr. Kamisugi took very good care of me and made every visit enjoyable."
- C. Kuriki

"I couldn’t have asked for a better orthodontic experience! Dr. Kamisugi and the staff were very friendly and helpful. Thank you!"
- J. Pascual

"I got braces because I wanted straight teeth for the girls. The results are great because the girls like my smile now. I like the staff because they’re friendly."
- D.J.K Parker

"I was extremely happy with the result of my orthodontic treatment. Everyone here is so kind and they’re so good at making you feel comfortable with the procedure."
- D.D.K Parker

"Nice people, good attitude and a comfortable environment."
- M. Baradi

"The staff is just like another family; you chat about everyday life and have a fun time. Except this family literally helps your smile!"
- D. Fabro

"Moving back home from San Diego, where I initially started my orthodontic treatment, I needed to find a doctor that would be willing to finish up my procedure. My ending experience was fast and easy and enjoyable. The staff was very friendly and accommodating and Dr. Kamisugi made it a comfortable transition for me."
- K. Chung

"The staff was really nice and answered all of my questions about braces."
- J. Fujiwara

"The staff was very nice and fun to have around. The end results are awesome. My teeth are very straight and I like it!"
- S. Horton

"My experience was amazing! The staff of this office made me feel so welcomed. Dr. Kamisugi is an awesome orthodontist who made me feel confident in my smile. Thank you all for you work and skills!"
- Camille C.

"Every visit was a nice one. I enjoyed the conversations with the staff. Even though it was a long journey, I am glad to get my braces off. I am treated like family! Thank you!"
- Ysabelle S.

"The treatment I received was very good. My results were excellent; I can’t believe how much my overbite and gaps between my teeth changed. The 22 months that I had my braces on felt very short surprisingly. The office staff was very friendly from day 1! I am overall very happy with my results."
- Nicholas F.

"The staff was great supporting me through my treatment and I was always happy to attend the appointments. They always made an effort to schedule the appointments to fit my time schedule."
- Jarett N.

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